Special Issue (2023)

van Maris, S. Concrete’s Material Agency and the 200.000 Albanian Bunkers

McCabe III, M.D. The Phenomenology of Mind and Material: Ceramica Argentata Production in Etruria

Volume V (2022)

Tsigoni, F. Colonial Gamification: Maya representation in Civilization VI

Past volumes.

Volume IV (2018)

Revert, N. Building new explanations about Roman settlement patterns: predictive modelling in Northern Gaul

Volume III (2017)

Editorial Statement. ‘3-years later…a reassessment of the need for something “in-between”

Deckers, K.P. These bones were made for jogging: an analysis of the lower limb skeletal evidence for the Endurance Running Hypothesis

Schubert, B.K.H. A study on the purpose of the Nimrud wall reliefs, combining their spatial context and imagery

Verstraaten, N. Interpreting three Zapotec Cocijo effigy vessels from Monte Albán in relation to Zapotec worldview: An analysis of ceramic Cocijo effigy vessels from Tomb 104 at Monte Albán, Mexico, in relation to directions of the world

Heekeren, V.S. van. Detecting social change: an examination of the role of the Industrial Revolution on osteoporosis in London, United Kingdom

Amsing, E.B.J. Assessing stakeholders’ values and interests for archaeological Park Matilo and Castellum Hoge Woerd, the Netherlands

Volume II (2016)

Editorial Statement. ‘Aller Anfang is schwer’ 

Nater, C.I. Patterns in the distribution of graves in the Central Medieval cemetery of Reusel, the Netherlands: Local variations in burial practices

Rijk, T.E. de. Liminality along the Limes: a study on the Matilo mask, its depositional context and the associated finds

Aerts, S.E.I. Detecting cultural formation processes through arthropod assemblages: a conceptual model for urban archaeological waste-/cesspits

Kolbenstetter, M.M. Mollusc collection and salt-production: resource-procurement and distribution in the Gulf of Fonseca

Cuijpers, E. The ‘lively’ streets of Classical Olynthos: a spatial analysis of urban life on the North Hill, 432 – 348 BCE

Volume I (2015)

Editorial Statement. ‘Publish or Perish’?: Presenting the work of junior archaeologists to a broader audience

Cárdenas Meijers, S. Archaeological sites in Lima and their inheritors: Community engagement in the management of Huacas in Lima

Quinn, A. Smiling slaves: Figural depictions of Classical comedy’s ‘clever slave’ in a Roman social context

Noij, F.F.J.M. “Linguistic Landscape Studies” and Archaeology: A reevaluation of the Kadesh inscriptions of Ramesses II


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