Proposal Submission Form

Brief proposal to introduce yourself and the topic you are submitting.

Authors who would like to publish in Inter-Section are requested to fill in this form as first step in the publication process. Before this form is filled in, the contributor must have requested at least one faculty staff member to support them in the writing and submission process. This form should be completed before the submission deadline. Please consult the Ethics & Inter-Section page to check if your research has ethical implications which need to be considered.

For any questions or additional information feel free to contact us:

Introduce yourself, your academic background, and why you are interested in this topic.

Faculty staff reference
Faculty staff reference 2 (optional)

Does your study rely on data? If no, just fill ‘NA’ into the box below. If yes, please indicate whether you intend to make these data available upon publication of the article.

In our commitment to Open Science practices, we expect all data related to the study to be made available, but we also understand that this is not always possible.

Topic proposal

In the proposal you introduce the topic you would like to publish. Articles in Inter-Section are focused on individual research conducted by students within the Faculty of Archaeology. The proposal should summarize the paper in the following manner:

• Formulate the current state of affairs regarding the topic and how it relates to broader archaeological themes;
• Formulate the research questions, hypotheses, and the applied methodology;
• State the results of the analysis and how these relate to the initial questions;
• Conclusions.

Whereas most of the class assignments comment on the research conducted by other scholars, articles submitted to Inter-Section should be focused on the personal research of the author. What is it that you have done that could be valuable to other archaeologists in the future? The selection of proposals will be made on the basis of these criteria.

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