Ethics & Inter-Section

In the past years, the Faculty of Archaeology has started to require that researchers provide evidence of ethical review before starting some projects, for example when working with human participants or human remains. This is in line with what many academic journals have started to include in their submission and publication processes as well.

The Ethics Committee at the Faculty of Archaeology provides advice on ethical issues for all researchers starting new projects. Unfortunately, it does not review research conducted by students (BA and MA/MSc). However, we think that it is important for students who work with possibly sensitive data to consider ethical implications of their work before publication.

What do we ask potential authors?

Before submitting your proposal, download and use the Ethics Committee checklist to determine whether your research has ethical implications. 

If it doesn’t: You are free to submit your proposal!

If it does: Contact your supervisor and ask them to have a meeting to discuss ethics. As a guideline for your discussion, we suggest that you use the Ethics Committee application form. We do not ask you to fill out the application form and to send it to us. After you and your supervisor agree on the ethical procedures you will follow in your publication, we ask of you that you send us a confirmation email from your supervisor in which your supervisor states that your contribution meets the ethical requirements as they are outlined by the Ethics Committee. You can send the email to us by forwarding the email or by sending a screenshot. Please send us the email immediately after submitting your proposal.

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